Indian Method should also be adopted in Corona treatment: CM Shri Chouhan

Bhopal : The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that Indian method should also be adopted to tackle challenges like Covid-19. He further stated that the way this disease has afflicted the whole world today, has raised the question of how to use yoga, mantra and music etc. in the treatment. What efforts should be made to increase the morale of patients?. Many diseases are cured with affection but a child with symptoms like Covid-19 cannot be touched by his mother. Shri Chouhan said that along with the prevailing methods of treatment, the fundamental methods existing in the Indian tradition can be used. He mentioned that treatment after contracting the disease is one condition and the second is to make the body so disease resistant that disease does not harm it. The Chief Minister said that in this regard, a solution should be found by consulting Ayurveda scholars, naturopathy experts, spiritual gurus and various sections. On the occasion of Shankaracharya Jayanti, the Chief Minister Shri Chouhan while interacting with spiritual leaders through video conferencing said that the talk about the use of Ayurvedic Kadha (Syrup) in Madhya Pradesh in tackling the challenge of Covid-19 has reached other States. Certainly, attention can be paid on the widespread use of this useful Kadha.

Free distribution of Ayurvedic kadha packets to one crore people

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan informed that Madhya Pradesh Laghu Vanopaj Sangh has prepared 50 gram packets of Ayurvedic kadha in collaboration with AYUSH department under Jeevan Amrit Yojana. These packets are being distributed free of cost to about one crore people in rural and urban areas.

The Chief Minister said that the recipe of this Ayurvedic kadha is very simple. Trikuta churna which is a ground mixture of Peepal, dry ginger and black pepper has to be boiled in one litre of water with 3-4 tulsi leaves. When the water reduces to half, the kadha become ready. One cup of this lukewarm kadha can be consumed three to four times a day. It is useful even when there is no disease and it creates the capacity in the body to fight against diseases.

Doctors, Police Personnel and Govt. Servants are displaying incredible conscientiousness

Shri Chouhan stated that in this difficult time of Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of doctors, para-medical staff, police personnel and other government servants are displaying incredible conscientiousness. Their services will always be remembered by the public. Deliberating with the Trustees of Acharya Shankar Sanskritik Nyas, the Chief Minister said, this is the Indian culture that everyone fights together in times of crisis. This unity is also our strength. Shri Chouhan sought blessings from the spiritual gurus and expressed gratitude towards them. He said that the guidance received from spiritual masters would prove useful in this hour of crisis.